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Denise Roth

I'm running this 5K in memory of Tiger and to raise awareness and support for lung cancer. I'm asking friends and family who are smokers to make an effort to quit. Quitting takes hard work and it's uncomfortable, but there is lot of support available. You CAN do it!
For the non-smokers out there….please be gentle and don't nag. I was once a smoker and have a dear friend who would consistently ask me about my habit. She would remind me of the hazards with genuine kindness and concern and that always stuck with me. It helped me to quit. Be that kind of support!
You only have one body, be good to it.
Be well - Denise



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Recent Donations

1. SASeema Arora
In memory of Tiger and supporting my dear friend. Love you.
2. KSKaren Stenzel
3. DBDale Brickhouse
In memory of Tiger.
4. MMaurice & Cheryl Christofferson
A very good cause.
5. LRLeslie-Anne Rios
In memory of my beloved brother Tiger
6. Denise Roth